Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm Sick Of Holidays - Part Deux!

Holidays suck.

I have no problem with the concept of celebrating things in our lives, but today I feel like I spend so much time, effort and money on the stupid holidays we're told to celebrate that I don't have time, strength or money for doing things I'd actually like to do with my family.

Christmas is basically fine. I like a lot of what we do and the kids are getting older and more helpful. But the rest? Pffffbbbbbtttt!

Valentine's Day is overrated. Expensive flowers, expensive cards, expensive candy (I DO NOT NEED), expensive dinners out? Forget it - I'd rather wait until Beltane (May 2nd) and just head out with my honey for a romp in the fields under the stars.

Easter? If I was Christian I would spend the day at church. I like decorating the eggs and hiding them for the kids, although in truth I find that neither exercise is nearly as much fun as it sounds like it could be. I hate the expectation that there will also be a ton of CANDY again, and possibly other gifts. This year I'm going to skip it if at all possible. Instead I'm going to buy seeds and bulbs. We can spend the day planting and getting our hands in the dirt.

Fourth of July is about as close as the United States gets to a reasonable holiday. Parades, fireworks, the whole town getting together. No present or candy. That's more like it.

Halloween? Again - I'm SICK OF THE CANDY. Could we skip it? Could we run around in the woods instead in our costumes and scare each other silly? Or could we dance around bonfires until we're absolutely exhausted, grown-ups and children alike? I actually like the part where we go house to house and there's nothing for it but to deal with the candy, but I think this holiday could be a lot more fun.

Thanksgiving - all right, that one is fine again. Good food and family. No presents, no candy. I can deal.

But still, I'm feeling a bit uninspired. Where's the fun and creativity in all this? Aren't holidays supposed to be the spice in the year - the stuff to look forward to? I can't say I look forward to any of them that much, mostly because it seems to be about work instead of play.

And because there's not much communal spirit to it all. Maybe it's just easier in warmer climates to hold outdoor celebrations. Or maybe we all have it so good all the time that celebrating a holiday isn't really that special. Maybe other people have a built in community that celebrates in more fun ways than mine does. I don't know.

I just know I feel like there could be something more.

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L Harris said...

WOW. I don't know what else to say, but I have lots floating around. In some ways I agree with you, but in others, not so much. :)

Christmas - I don't want it to be about gifts. Goodies, I can deal with at Christmas. I want to be with family and friends and that's what next year is going to be about.

Valentine's Day never has been one of my favorites. I don't really like cut flowers; I'd rather a potted plant. lol. Dinners out without the kids, that's a nice thing. I don't know what Beltane, is but I just punched it into the search engine and I'll find out. :)

Being Christian, I like Easter (I don't spend it in church though). For me this one is again about family and friends and new life! Spring WOOHOO! And again candy. You are right! TOOO MUCH CANDY!

July 1st (here in Canada) needs more, I think. We don't do enough to show our pride in Canada. Is that because we don't feel much pride in our country and our leadership right now???

Halloween is ALL about the candy for me. That's it.

Thanksgiving. No candy! YAY! Family and friends. ANd a big dinner.

I wonder if you are right. We are a "have" society. We really don't have much in terms of real hardships day after day after day, that these special days just aren't special. We go out for dinner. Or we have big meals all the time. Really, these special days aren't far off the regular days.

This year Christmas was just another day for us and that made me sad. Being Christian and that Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth (that's why I celebrate) I think the day should be more special.

Will you write about birthday's? I think those should be special too - but NO CANDY! They get enough! lol.