Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm Sick Of Holidays!

I'll put the warning right here - I'm cranky today. I've got three teenagers acting like teenagers and I'm a bit fed up.

I'm also cranky because I took down the Christmas decorations and that always leaves me feeling a little flat. I actually "halved" this stuff earlier in the fall when I cleaned out my storage space, but today I sent the kids outside and spread out all the decorations, then gave myself permission to get rid of the ones I no longer like.

Here's the beginning spread:

Here's the stuff I kept for next year:

Here's the big trash bag full of stuff going to Good Will!

At least that's done.


L Harris said...

Good job! I need to do that, but DH isn't ready yet. We have only been here 2 years but the first year was TERRIBLE (included going bankrupt due to lack of work). So we are unsure what kind of outdoor lighting we might want to do in the near future. I did get rid of any trash that we passed off as decorations, but for the most part, I just boxed everything (WAY TOO MUCH) back up again. Then I need to remember that we have a 10-12 foot tree. That takes a lot of decorations.

L Harris said...

(I think I'm just finding excuses to keep things! That's not good. Gotta think on that more.)