Monday, December 8, 2008

My Christmas Nightmare

I dreamt last night that I was enjoying myself on a vacation and I went to the airport to catch my return flight. There, I met an older woman who seemed fairly stressed out.

"Well, tomorrow is the big day!" she said.

"What big day?" I asked.


"What? What's the date today?" (Even in my dreams I'm a complete ninny.)

Of course, it was December 24th. And I was completely unprepared for Christmas. Panic! But then I began to think about what I did have done, and even in my dream I began to relax. It was going to be a crazy day, and Christmas wasn't going to be as well planned out as usual, but it would get done. I woke up with an adrenaline rush but also with determination.

Luckily, I still have eighteen days, and so do you.

I could take away a very obvious message from this dream: Get moving on Christmas preparations!

But did you notice the underlying theme - the more important one? In my dream I was in the airport flying home. And I had no worries about making it in time - I was definitely going to be there. That's why everything else was going to be okay. I knew I'd get done the essentials. I knew my family loved me enough to overlook any errors or shortages on the day. I knew I could explain if gifts arrived late, or the Christmas dinner wasn't spectacular.

Make your plans. Get it done. Stay within your budget.

And then forget all of that and enjoy the holidays with your family.

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