Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sometimes I Really Blow It

I'm mad at myself.

So many toys these days consist of a few pennies' worth of plastic being sold for lots and lots of dollars. I'm trying hard to resist purchasing this crap, especially when its packaging is three or four times the size of the actual product, but when the toys rank on top of my daughter's Christmas list, it's hard to pass them buy.

Littlest Pet Shops are one of the worst offenders, and one of my daughter's favorite toys, so I got a couple of them. But I noticed she's been playing with a lot of animal figurines lately, especially horses, so I wandered over to the local parent-teacher store today to look at their "high-quality" ones.

These animals are made of much denser, almost rubbery plastic. They have fine details and are quite life-like. They have no packaging at all, which is probably why I didn't notice the price until I paid the bill!


So what's worse? Being ripped off buying cheap plastic or being ripped off buying expensive plastic? I'm not sure.

I just wish I hadn't bought any of it.


Kristen@thefrugalgirl said...

Um, at least you won't be producing a bunch of trash?

Can you take them back?

Jennifer said...

I probably could take them back.

The really expensive ones I got at a family-owned business, though. So hard to walk in and return them when you know the person.

That's lame, isn't it?

Kristen@TheFrugalGirl said...

Yeah, that is awkward. I guess you have to decide between an awkward moment and overspending.