Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Lists

I love it.

I just got my husband's Christmas list. He wants one tangible item - a new hockey stick. (He plays in a local league). Everything else on the list counts as an experience, including some experiences he and I can share (like dining out).

I need to work on my own list now.

I'd like more dance classes, a few gift certificates to local eateries (I love meeting friends for lunch), maybe a day at the ski hill or a night at the movies. I think I will ask for a gift certificate to the book store. Books are things, but the experience of picking them out is the best part, and handing them on to others when I'm done is nearly as fun.

Have you made your Christmas list? How many experiences are you asking for?

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jannie_b said...

I have a membership at our beautiful just-re-opened Art Gallery of Ontario on my list. It's one of my top wishes!