Friday, October 3, 2008

October's Theme - How NOT to Want

Yesterday's shopping trip highlighted what to me is the most difficult part of halving - resisting new purchases.

I was proud of myself for shopping with a stated purpose (actually several):

1. Pick up tickets to a band that is playing Saturday night (experience!)

2. Get Mom a birthday present (Thing....bah! I should have bought her a gift certificate to a restaurant while I was in NY)

3. Buy one dressy shirt and one bellydance shirt.

I accomplished goal #1, goal #2 and one-half of goal #3. Even better, I decided I didn't need to get the dressy shirt after all. I've got some I can make do with.

But...I did get myself an extra gift - the "We'Moon" weekly calendar for 2009. I love this calendar. It reminds me of home (California), friends, and good times. It reminds me to look for beauty in the world and to strive to be a better person. It reminds me to think about the cycles of the month, the year and of my life.

And it also reminds me that I struggle daily with the need to "possess" things. That I feel "entitled" to pretty little things all the time, and that these "little" things add up really fast!

I'm afraid I've lost sight of my larger goals for this year already. I've stalled out on weeding through the stuff I have and I'm beginning to allow new stuff to creep in. The holidays are closing in on me and I don't yet have a plan for how to deal with them. I've even begun to waffle on my largest goal - selling this house and moving into a smaller one.

Today is one of those days when halving seems hard, and when it seems like everyone else is doing a better job than me. Luckily, I'm sick today, which gives me the perfect excuse for lying in bed this afternoon and making a new plan. I'm going to make a list of my options for "borrowing" things rather than owning them. I'm also going to craft a statement of purpose - a paragraph that describes my ultimate dream life so I remember what I'm shooting for. I may spend some time online looking up other blogs by people who are on the simplifying track. Even better, I may snuggle up with a good book, like The Simple Life.

Today is a day for renewing my goals. What about you? Are you on track with your own convictions?


Lisa said...

Nope.....I hate to use the word "struggling" here, but it feels like it.

Can you share where you got the Moon calendar....sounds like something i'd really like.
See....the wants.
But I'll need a new one soon.
So a "need"?

There's a new GoodWill store opening here and I'm going to get back to the halving too.
Still following your posts.
Firearms....there's a range near us.
Been wanting to sign up.

Lisa said...

Oh....found it.
Thank you.

I've been working on affirmations, goals, path too.
Be careful with those simplifying blogs....many wonderful ones out there.

Jennifer said...

Glad you found the calendar. I just love them and the pics are great for art projects when the year is done. That counts as an "experience", right?