Friday, October 3, 2008

Visiting Old Friends

Now that I've pared my wardrobe down to half its previous size, there are a couple of gaps. One thing I'm missing is a pretty shirt that's just right for wearing with some of my "going out" skirts. If I was able to find one in black I could pair it with three different skirts I own that are cut to a similar pattern, but different fabrics and colors.

The other thing I need is a little midriff-shirt I can wear to bellydance classes. Bellydance class is the one place where my belly-button sees the light of day. It's an all-female class, so no worries there, and if you can't see your belly muscles during class, you can't tell if you are doing the moves correctly.

I went to several stores yesterday and I didn't find a "going out" shirt, but I was successful in my second venture. I found a blue fitted cropped top with three-quarter sleeves and frilly cuffs that was just perfect - $3.00 at the local thrift store.

I stopped in the consignment store for a look around and TWICE pulled things out of the racks that used to be mine, LOL! It was an excellent reminder of what my real goal is these days and I walked out of that store with no purchases at all.

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