Sunday, October 5, 2008

Knowing When to Halve Your Internet Time!

I'm sick and swamped with homework, housework and just plain work, so I'm taking a break from the internet this week.

I plan to come back next week with a brand new Book Giveaway, new before and after pictures of places in my house that are getting "halved", and updates on other projects.

So here's my challenge to you: can you choose one problem area of your house and "halve" it this week?

Or can go without your car for a day....or two?

Can you bake at home instead of running to the store?

Meet me back here on Friday and tell me what you've accomplished!


Lisa said...

Oh, that hits home.
Internet time.

I'll take that challenge, although I do have to check in for class, and to print out some documents.
But that is actually only a little of the time I spend on here....


Jenne in AZ said...

I am going to try to halve my stress. We have had an overwhelming amount of it here recently. (Relocate or be unemployed and MIL dying of cancer both in the last two weeks). So instead of doing less we are going to do more. More parks, more zoo, more cookies, more video games, more of everything that is fun.

And hopefully it will help.

Jenne in AZ

Jeanne said...

I'm going to reduce the amount of clutter on my desk - and I hope by MORE than half. :)

Have a great internet-free week!