Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halving the Kids' Stuff

My youngest son lives in a cave. Well, almost. His current room is tiny and has no windows. Next month he'll move upstairs to a bigger/better room. Here is a before picture. Not too much stuff, but he's got several boxes of junk hiding under the bed that he hasn't looked into for at least six months. We'll delve into those and clean them out.

Notice the winter clothes that need to be swapped for the summer ones in his dresser. Notice also dear son crawling under the bed to find out what's in the box that's been jammed into the back corner FOREVER.

Here's the bag of trash we took out of the room. We also went through his clothes, weeded out the too-small stuff for Goodwill, and put away the summer clothes. No more boxes under the bed. The dresser drawers can all open and shut. Everything has a place. Aaaaaaah. Much better.

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