Saturday, October 25, 2008

What's Left To Do?

"That lady must be done cleaning out her house by now," you're thinking.


Some of the scariest portions are left to go. Like my daughter's bedroom, the art supply chest, and these lovely rooms:

The rec room:

The laundry room:

And.....gasp!.....the workshop! Do you think we'll ever halve those piles of lumber?

Or all that paint?

We couldn't possibly get rid of half of those forty-odd panes of glass, could we?

Actually, I hope we get "rid" of that stuff by using it in future building projects. Those panes of glass are going to make a great sunroom some day. I'd like to finish "halving" all the other rooms by December, though.


Paula said...

Halving tools and lumber! What is this blasphemy you speak of? My dh is a carpenter and there is always stuff lying around waiting to be used.

He also brings home freebies from projects. We finally got the kitchen sink installed after it sat around for over a year and survived one move. Right now there are two bathroom sinks waiting to be installed.

You are doing an awesome job.

Stacy said...

Just want to let you know that I think you've done great so far!! You've inspired me, that's for sure. Here are some things I'm interested in hearing about from you. How do you halve paper clutter? How do you halve memorbilia? How do you halve hobby supplies (i.e. scrapbooking stuff)? Do you keep photos people send you at Christmas? Do you keep greeting cards? How does a sentimental person get rid of stuff? We sentimental people have a very hard time letting things go. Could you post about some of these things and how you handle them?
Stacy :-)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog in August from the WTM message board. I remembered it this week because I have decided to halve my stuff. I went back to the WTM and searched for you and I can't believe I found the blog. I was inspired by your pictures when you halved (almost) your books. I realize this is going to be very hard for me. You have inspired me with all your progress and your strugles too. Thanks for the blog and keep up the good work. I hope to be able to attain your before pictures. I am overwhelmed with the thought of just halving my books. Laura