Monday, September 22, 2008

Halving Your Trash?

I hadn't really thought much about trash when I started this project. I know we're all supposed to be thinking about our footprint on the earth, but I mostly think about how much fun I'm having, instead.

My husband was the one who noticed a difference in the amount of trash we produce. According to him we've gone from overflowing our two trashcans (that's how much our trash service allows), to filling about one and a half. He's been able to use the extra space to get rid of some stuff from his workshop, and he hasn't had to throw any extra bags in the back of the van to drive out to the dump.

Has this happened because we're not buying any bread or snack products? Or is it happening because I don't go shopping as much, since I'm not using the car?

Probably a combination of both. As far as unintended consequences go, this is a good one!


Jeanne said...

What a great way to weekly monitor your household intake! Unfortunately, I'm finding our trash can a bit overflowing lately, and I wish I could say that it's due to decluttering, but alas, I'm afraid it's bringing in too much stuff. How is it that when you tell your family that you're trying to cut back that they show up at your doorstep with the ugliest lamp you have ever seen and insist it's not for you but for your (toddler) daughter from her great-grandmother? :rolling eyes:

Stacy said...

We're really good about not having much trash to throw out. Most of the time our 32 gallon garbage can is only half full on garbage day. Sometimes it only has one garbage bag in it!! We have a 64 gallon recycling can which fills up rather quickly. I love that we're able to recycle the majority of the "trash". I even cloth diapered, so that drastically reduced our trash. BTW we have a family of 4.

Julie Y said...

I signed up with google JUST so I could leave a comment telling you how much I love the idea (and especially the title!) of your blog, lol. I look forward to hearing more about your halving journey -- and to beginning my own!