Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting Real

Okay, it's time to face the music; I have waaaaay overbooked myself and the result is:

My house is trashed.

I haven't graded the kids' schoolwork in days.

I'm behind on my reading in Biology, Latin, and Firearms Safety.

My checkbook isn't balanced.

My accounting homework isn't done.

The laundry pile is as tall as me.

It's 10:45 am, I'm in my pjs and I'm posting here instead of tackling any of this.


Time to blast into Super-Mommy mode. I am not going to let this pile up get the better of me, nor am I going to let it ruin the progress I've made in halving it all. So today while I motor through my list of to-do's I'm going to make a point of finding one small area that I can weed out along the way.

Because for all my complaining about housework I have to admit that since I went through and got rid of all that extraneous stuff, even when my house is a mess it's not the mess it used to be. It takes much less time to clean up because there are fewer things and more space to put them.

Believe me - this is worth it. Tomorrow I'll have my finances updated and we'll see how I'm doing there.

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my5wolfcubs said...

Okay, me neither! Must get off computer and grade school work...thankfully it is only yesterday's schoolwork. I'm really, really trying to stay on top of it! If I make them DO it, then I need to CHECK it. Their job, my job and all that! :) I'll be back to read more later!!!