Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Spreading

While I accomplished a lot yesterday, dh accomplished more. Without any fanfare he started in on his office and cleaned out stuff that's been sitting there for years. He had accumulated a bunch of computer peripherals and electronic equipment, and face it - that stuff is hard to throw in the trash.

He called around to friends, put some of it on ebay and dumped the rest. Now the office is looking pretty neat.

As for me, I'm making my menu/shopping list for next month. I'm going to bump it up a notch this time. I have no problem figuring out my dinners. I do that once a month, make a huge shopping list, do one trip to the warehouse store for all the staples and have a list for each week of perishables to get from the local grocery stores.

Where I fall flat is with lunches and snacks. We are all sick to death of sandwiches. Since I won't buy lunch meat (nitrates) and I won't buy peanut butter (allergies), our sandwiches are uninspiring, to say the least. So this month I'm planning lunch food as well: soups, sandwiches and interesting salads. I'm also planning out two snacks per week to bake so we're not just eating cookies all the time.

I'll post the menu within a day or so.

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