Monday, August 18, 2008

Shoes? Who Needs 'Em!

All right, I'll warn you right now. It's late. I've been sorting through stuff all day. I'm exhausted and a little bit punchy.

I tackled my pile of shoes today. I figured that while I was handling the difficult stuff, like books, I might as well do the really tough job. I love shoes, you see - all kinds of shoes, and I feel that the 22 pairs I started out with today barely scratch the surface of footwear:

But I screwed up my courage and faced them down. And in the end, half of them were gone:

Next I tackled the kids' shoes. Here's my daughter's before and after pics:

And here are the boys' shoes. The first picture is lame - you can't see a bunch of them, but trust me; they're right around the corner:

Here's the after picture. Boys have no trouble ditching shoes:

And now, miracle of miracles, the shoes actually all fit on our entryway shelves.


nestof3 said...

Great job! How inspiring.

I tossed many of my shoes this summer as well, and the boys only have three pairs each as it is.

Jennifer said...

It's kind of scary, isn't it? I always think "what if the kid manages to get his shoes soaked - do I send him to school in sandals in November?"