Monday, August 18, 2008

Halving Your Gas Bill

Starting today, I am taking a one-month break from driving my car. I prepared for this by making a menu plan that runs through September and buying all the staples I'll need for that period. I did my school shopping for the kids. I timed this break so that their activities won't start until the month is over.

I'm lucky, in that I have several grocery stores within a mile of my house. The library is close enough to walk to, although it feels far away when I'm toting all those books home. My sons can walk to their schools. My daughter can take a bus. I'll be getting up extra early to walk the nearly two miles with her on her first day of school (I can't miss that!), but that's just one day.

My dh is going along with the plan. He can't cut out all his car usage - he has to haul around lumber and tools to repair our rentals - but he'll take his bike on the days he doesn't need to. The kids have been very supportive, too.

Still, I can already tell this is going to take some getting used to: I have appointments scheduled this week and I keep forgetting to add in the extra time for walking.

How much money will I save? About a hundred bucks, if all goes well. My dh could save an extra $50 - 75. (I'll explain our arcane budgeting system another time, LOL).

I'll let you know at the end of the month how many pounds I lose, too!

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Caffeinated Cowgirl said...

WOW Great idea! I wish we lived where we could try that! Can't wait to read about your month of adventures and how much you actually save!