Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Week's Worth of Ponderings

I had a wonderful time on my trip to Connecticut, and it gave me lots to think about in turns of my halving journey.

The first couple of days were tough. My sister bought a beautiful house last year, and when I pulled up into the driveway I was immediately overwhelmed with house-lust. It's picture perfect, light yellow with white trim, a large landscaped yard, beautiful finishes on the interior....I wanted one just like it.

Then we spent the first few mornings shopping. We slipped into Barnes and Noble "just for a minute", and I walked out an hour later with about $120.00 worth of books. Now, that's actually pretty good for me, but it was a struggle and not at all helpful - now I'm going to have to purge more books when I get home.

After those first couple of days, though, my desires calmed down and I focused on doing things. Everything got easier then. The kids spent time at various classes and camps. We went to the pool in the afternoons. My sister had planned out a theme for each night and we played games all together and had fun.

Those are the memories that will stick with the kids (and with me) - the things we DID together. And that's what this experiment is all about.

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