Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Was the Point Again?

I'm getting ready for a mini-vacation within my vacation. This afternoon I drive with the kids to my sister's house in Connecticut to spend five days there.

My mind is racing with thrifty ideas to do this trip on the cheap, but wait....

This trip isn't a "thing", it's an experience! Wasn't the whole point to cut back on things so I can enjoy my experiences more?

It's hard to shift from a thrifty mindset to an "abundance" mindset and I'm really struggling. I keep having thoughts like, "we don't need to eat out," and "we'll have fun just being together."

This is true, but it's okay to splurge a little this week. I saved up all year for this, remember?

Of course the trickiest part is what to do about the shopping. My sister and I have fun going to all the fancy stores in her neck of the woods - stores I just don't have in my small northern town. If I start buying things, I'll just have to get rid of more stuff when I get home, though. That doesn't make sense.

While I do need a few things - good cold-weather gear (hard to find right now), rain boots (it rains a LOT in Terrace), things like that - the trick is to keep refocusing on the experience. Swimming, walking, taking my sister up on her idea to do a jazzercize class together. "Doing" things together and accumulating experiences, not stuff.

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