Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Work to Live

We're taking the summer off from our normal routine of driving east and spending July and August with my family in New York. We've gone each of the past three years, and I don't think I could have taken another 10 day round trip drive this year.

I'm using this summer to build up the coffers, instead. I've started caring for a baby, I'm teaching three classes through the rec department, and now I'm considering applying for a job rehabilitating rental instruments at the local music store.

My oldest son just got his first real job at a bakery downtown and he's looking for web design work.

My youngest son found a part time gardening gig and is determined to work on a farm somewhere in town this summer.

My husband will continue making computer games, but he's also looking into teaching a few classes of his own.

It's fun seeing how it's all coming together and I love the way that we're able to pull together our skills and create work in addition to taking on "normal" jobs. It feels like we're getting to the point that we were aiming for; putting together a portfolio of work rather than just sticking to one humdrum 9 - 5 job.

It would be tougher to do this in a more expensive place. Or if we were determined to live a more expensive lifestyle. This pace of existence really suits me and having something different to do each day makes it worth getting up in the morning.

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