Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To the Thrift Store and Back

Yesterday, I took a big step backward in order to step forward. I went to the local thrift store, donated a bag of clothing, and then proceeded to shop its aisles for junk to take home.

I got several Christmas ornaments, some art supplies and a bunch of flat baskets with dividers - all for the preschool I'm slated to teach this fall. I'm planning to work a lot with centers that go beyond toys and dolls. I need all kinds of manipulatives, puzzles, containers, art supplies; you name it.

I won't buy everything, though. I refuse to do that on the salary I'll be making. I'm going to scrounge around all the child resource organizations in town to see what I can come up with. I'm also going to put the word out that I'm looking for donations. I'll work this out.

The reason it's on my mind is because it's bringing up an old frustration: it takes money to do things right.

I like to do things right. I hate doing things half-assed, especially when I'm in the public eye. If I'm going to teach a preschool, it's going to be the best damn preschool in town. Know what I mean?

But I could probably spend as much as I'll earn next year if I was going to get it just the way I want it. I can't do that, obviously, so I'll have to find another way.

This issue goes to the heart of everything I'm doing this year: it's not enough to "halve it all". You have to improve life - or whatever it is your doing - in the process. You can't just minimize things until they fade to nothing. There has to be a point.

I guess as far as the preschool is concerned, the point is that I need my income in order to fund the rest of my life. I have to find a happy balance, a way to save money but still create the experience I want to give to these kids.

Off I go to search for donations....

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