Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Quick Money Update

Remember how October sucked? Well, it did for me - I was over-budget all over the place. I started off November $130 in the hole, but during the month I managed to scrimp enough to make that back.

I also managed to add $100 to the kids' college fund and $30 to my travel fund. Not too shabby!

As for "experiences"; I've been taking dance classes twice a week, and in addition, I tried something new.

I took two "Firearms Safety Courses" during which I learned how to load, unload and prove safe rifles, shotguns and handguns. Nearly four days of classes in all! They were a lot of fun. We got to handle all sorts of firearms, from old-fashioned single-action revolvers to modern semi-automatic rifles, and everything in between. After I send in my paperwork and get my purchase and acquisition license I can buy a .22 and teach my sons how to shoot.

This is all part of my plan to experience my northern Canadian town to its fullest. Hunting is popular here, as are all kinds of outdoor sports.

Many families get a significant portion of their meat from the moose they shoot in the fall and if I'm lucky, a few years from now my boys will start bringing home the "bacon", as it were. Fresher meat, no preservatives...what's not to like?

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