Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Halving Your Purse?

I'm pretty practical when it comes to purses. I have one main one I use every day, and one tiny, wallet-sized one I use when I go out on the town. That's it!

But my everyday one fell apart and I figured that it was time to downsize. Who needs to be weighed down with stuff when you're walking around?

Here's my old one with all of its contents. It's kind of embarrasing but I hid most of the unmentionables.

I took out the receipts, balanced my checkbook and stashed them away (I keep receipts for a year or two then throw them out)

I got rid of all the cards for stores I don't shop at (or no longer exist).

I trashed the miscellaneous papers, band-aid wrappers and tissues.

I put most of my change in my change-jar (which I'll use up before Christmas is over, believe me).

And I got rid of my separate check-book cover. My checkbook now fits into my new wallet.

Here's a pile of the stuff that went away:

Here's my new purse (on the left). See - it's smaller than my old one!

Now, if only someone would come and halve my dust-bunnies for me.

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