Saturday, December 27, 2008

Now Get Outside!

Fifteen minutes. That's all I'm asking. You can go walk outside for fifteen minutes, can't you?

While you're at it, ponder this question: What types of exercise are you willing to indulge in?

Notice I didn't ask what types of exercise do you think you should do. I asked what you are willing to do - really.

Don't answer right now. Go walk. Breathe the cool fresh air. Fill your lungs. Notice something far away - the farthest thing you can possibly see. Now notice something beautiful. Let all your burdens fall off your shoulders. Just for fifteen minutes.

Think about the question above. Be truthfull. What types of exercise are you willing to do? I'll be back soon...


jannie_b said...

So, today I did my 20 minute dog-walk without listening to podcasts on my ipod so I could ponder your question.

I am willing to (continue to) walk, and to walk for more than the 15-20 minutes I usually do. I am willing to do some kind of yoga or stretching or tai chi. A few days ago I dug out a couple of yoga dvds that I bought and never used. I would also be willing to do some work with free weights. I prefer to do these types of things at hom.

Jennifer said...

You sound an awful lot like me. I forgot to post my list, so here it is:

Walking - I'm willing to walk my long loop once or twice a week. I'm willing to go back to walking to the kids' activities and to the grocery store for small trips.

Jogging - I'm willing to jog my one-mile loop once or twice a week if the road is clear.

Yoga - I'm willing to do my 10 minute yoga stretch each morning and a longer stint twice a week

Bellydance - I'm willing to go to dance class twice a week when it starts. I'm willing to do tapes several times a week.

Weights - I'm willing to do the routine in my weight book twice a week.

I'm going to set up a plan before New Years for the month of January.

Which yoga DVDs do you have? I have one called Power Yoga that I can't find - it's driving me crazy! I want to do it with the kids because it really works you while you stretch.

DebMc said...

The hardest part of walking during cold weather is deciding to get outside. Once I'm there I get warmer and enjoy moving and breathing. There are still interesting things to see in the winter.

I'm willing to continue walking. We've added hiking for variety. We love going to the Nature Center. Lots of good paths, birds, and quiet.

I love to swim, but winter kinda takes the fun out of that. I'm thinking of looking for a short term gym membership, but that sorta defeats the living more simply idea, doesn't it?

Yoga. I will do yoga willingly. Why don't I do it!

Excellent post!