Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day Two - 15 Minute Walk

Just in case you're really ahead of me today, I'm going to post this now.

Today is snowy and GRAY. It would be so easy for me to put off going for a walk. Luckily, I built an hour walk into my day already - 30 minutes downtown and 30 minutes back. I'm going to a coffee shop to attend a meeting of my "Artist's Way" group.

But I'm still going to do at least 15 minutes another time today. My plan is to head out into the woods. I'm even going to put my snowpants on.

And I'm going to ponder this question: What are five things I can do with my husband for fun?

All right, all right....we all know what the first one is. But seriously, folks...if you have kids, chances are you and your dh have to work on "dating". And chances are it's not as easy as it used to be. You may have fallen into a rut.

So let's brainstorm a little. Take your walk. Let the fresh air wake up brain cells and synapses you haven't used for awhile. Think back to when you met your dh. What did you do then? What could you do now?

Check back in later and let me know.

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L Harris said...

Five Fun Things To Do With My DH. This is a tough question, because what we find fun, is pretty boring.

I think I'll choose things I don't do with him very often, that he wants me to.

1. Watch tv with him and not from my computer.
2. Use our new bedroom well. ;)
3. Help with renovations.
4. Attend fire fighter functions (these are great fun! and we do go every year)
5. We'd love to learn to dance.