Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tenthing it All?

I knew when I started this blog that it wasn't going to rock the world - it wasn't extreme enough. That's okay; my goal is to inspire "normal, average" folks to see if they can get rid of the things holding them back from the life they want to live.

But secretly, people who live in houses like this are my idols.

CNN reported today on a growing trend in California - people downsizing to tiny homes they can pull around on trailers. They park them in friends' driveways or backyards or buy a small plot of land themselves. If they need to move, they hitch their homes to their cars and go.

Why not? People throughout the world and throughout time have lived in tiny homes. It's only been recently that we decided that people "have" to live in big houses and started making rules to legislate that. Now we have homeless people who are forbidden from building their own houses if they can't afford to buy one that's up to code.

I think that type of legislation needs to change and a new set of codes needs to be formulated that takes into consideration how many people are in this world and the need we all have for a decent roof over our head. I look forward to seeing how this particular trend plays out.


L Harris said...

WOW! We've talked about doing such a thing. Way up north here though, it would be tougher. (Very cold) We have a huge house but have lots of open space and we share a lot of sleep space. The children don't have their own rooms; we are a family and that's the way we live - together. But because the house is so huge, it really is hard to keep the amount of stuff down!

Stacy said...

The very day I read this article on your blog, they did a news report on these tiny little houses. There's got to be something totally freeing in being able to live in such a small space. I mean you can barely own anything, right? I'm always intrigued by how people live in small spaces.
Stacy :-)