Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Results! were hoping for a miracle? Did you really think I could halve a child's possessions in one day?

Not a seven-year-old's. I did get two bags of trash out of there. Another bag is off to GoodWill, I emtied a nice storage bin I can use elsewhere in the house, and the rest is being put in storage for a couple of months to see if dd "misses" them. Here's a pic of all the stuff I took out of the room:

I have learned not to stress as much about these years when kids have a ton of tiny toys. Yes, they're a pain to pick up, but each of my older boys has reached a day when they were simply done with all of it, and...boom...they emptied out their rooms.

Since I can fit all of dd's stuff into containers in her room, I'm willing to live with it for another year or two.

Here are the "after" pics of her room:


Lindsey said...

That is miraculous, you did a great job! I give that room a huge A+.

Good thinking to save the toys and see what she misses. We have done this and they didn't miss anything. It makes it easier on my conscious to throw or give things away when they won't be missed. :o)

Laughing Lioness said...

You rock. I am inspired every single time I look at your blog!! Way to go!