Saturday, October 11, 2008

The "Clear Your Calendar" Challenge!

Are you ready for a Halving It All challenge?

The goal of this challenge is to live one week out of your life as if you were a sane person. Really - it`s that simple!

Here`s what you do: write down a list of "to-dos" for this upcoming week. Go ahead, write down everything you can think of!

Now cut it in half.

That's right; cross out half of that list. Be ruthless! Take a big, red pen and cross those things right out. (Save the list to show me!)

Now draw up or print out a calendar for the week with lots of space to write in. Stick in your remaining "to-dos", and then label the rest of the time "DO NOTHING!" There should be huge blocks of free time every day!

If you don't have any extra time even after you got rid of half your list, then cut that list in half again. And again. And again! until you do have empty spaces. Look at those empty spaces and monitor your reaction to them. How do you feel - excited, scared....petrified?

The goal this week is to be bored. To have so much time on your hands that you remember what it felt like to be 10 years old on August 2nd in the middle of your summer vacation when none of your friends were home. Do you remember how that felt to be bored? Wouldn't that feel goooooooood right about now, LOL?

I want you to be so bored that you draw a picture with crayons, or call someone you haven't spoken to in two years, or try on all your clothes just for the heck of it. I want you to be so bored that you actually get enough time to rest, think and plan. I want you to give yourself permission to simply vegetate...on a weekday.

Tomorrow I want to see a show of hands and I want to see pictures of your schedules! I'm serious, people. Yes, you can do it. I'm putting on Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow and I have to study for my first mid-term next week, plus start a brand new class. And yet I am going to take this challenge.

Who's with me????

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Paula said...

You are so awesome! I have implemented siesta time in my schedule. I take at least an hour a day to myself, to be bored, to nap, to do nothing. It does help keep me sane.

I'm up to the challenge.