Thursday, August 28, 2008

Planning Ahead

My 15-year-old son came into the kitchen yesterday and plunked himself down on the rocking chair that sits in one corner. All my kids have been a little bored and out of sorts. It's the last week before school starts and they're ready for something new.

"Mom, how much does that bag of flour cost?" he asked.

"About twelve dollars," I said.

He grabbed his Triple E - a wireless mini-computer - and starts typing. He asks about sugar, butter, chocolate chips....

Turns out he's calculating the cost of one of his homemade cookies. When he's done, he compares it to the cost of a storebought one. His is cheaper. Not by much, but by a few pennies.

"If I cut back on the chocolate chips I could get the cost down to half of the store-bought ones," he says.

I must say I'm totally surprised. I didn't think we could beat the store price. He does another calculation for bread and beats the store price per loaf there, too. I'm shocked - I buy really cheap bread, LOL.

"All right. Next month you can help me do some real experiments," I say. "We'll find out the exact price of the ingredients and do this a little more scientifically, okay?"

He's in. So that's what's coming in September, folk. We're going to go through the packaged foods we buy and try making homemade alternatives. We'll find out what's cheaper and what's not. And we'll discuss what's worth it and what's not.

I hope you'll join us then!

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