Friday, July 11, 2008

You Have To Start Somewhere

I've been reading too many books, as usual. The latest one is Better Off. I'm afraid I'll have to tell you the author's name later - my son took off with our copy (his copy, actually) and I can't find it on Google. Hmmm. (Edit - the author is Eric Brende)

Anyway, the premise of Better Off is that life without all our modern conveniences is easier than life with them. In other words, we're working so hard simply because we want too much.

And that got me thinking. What if I cut my life in half?

What if I possessed half the things I possess today? What if I lived in a house half the size of my current one? What if I drove half as much and spent half as much at the grocery store?

Would I get back twice the time? Less to clean, organize, repair. Fewer trips to the store and fewer other errands? Less time at the gym since I'd be walking all the time?

More to the point - would I get back twice the money? Could the ticket to the life I want to live be spending less instead of earning more?

I'm going to give it a try.

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