Friday, July 11, 2008

A Few Ground Rules

The purpose of this experiment is to cut back on things and cut back on expenses (gas, etc.) so that I have more time and money for experiences. My goal at the end of this twelve-month period is to have more money saved in the bank, and a fuller, more interesting life.

That means that there are areas I'll be cutting back on, and areas I'll be fluffing out. I'll be getting rid of half my stuff - clothes, dishes, keepsakes, clutter. I'll be paring down my food budget, my gas, my phone bill and so on.

But I won't cut back on piano lessons, dance classes and tickets to the theatre - those are experiences, not "things". The idea isn't to live in a cave, it's to free myself from the tyranny of my possessions.

Got it? Here goes.....

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