Friday, March 13, 2009

Making Chores Fun

I've been trying to come up with a scheme to make the things I have to do more fun. I don't think I'll ever love loading up the washing machine or mopping the floors, but those jobs have to be done.

Homemaker magazines always say "blast some tunes!" to brighten up your day, but I've got three kids studying in my house and a husband trying to write computer games. I can't be that boisterous. My newest solution is to download books on tape onto my ipod and plug myself in. I bought new comfy headphones yesterday since the generic white earbuds fall right out of my ears and now I can shove the ipod in my pocket and clean to my heart's content while I listen to something good.

In fact, yesterday I found myself coming up with more jobs than I planned to tackle so that I could keep listening. This just might work.

The real trick is that I picked a book that's pure candy. I don't need to be lectured on the fall of the Roman Empire while I scrub the tub - not right now, anyway. I need something light, cheerful and fun. I'm listening to Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer. Have to keep up on what the competition is doing, right?

I'm about to go plug in and do my stretching (another necessary "chore" that had gotten boring lately) and then vacuum the whole house. What's your motivator for cleaning? Have you got any bright ideas?

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L Harris said...

I need to get some comfy earphones too, but I love to listen to my mp3 player when nursing baby, when doing dishes and when hanging laundry. Great idea!