Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Me and the Ultra-Religious

It's been a weird afternoon.

I snapped today and decided I needed a few more long skirts. I hate pants. Don't ask me why; it's a sensory thing. I absolutely, positively hate the feeling of fabric wrapped around my legs.

Unfortunately, I hate the feeling of being cold even more than the feeling of fabric wrapped around my legs.

That means I need long skirts for the winter months; preferably long enough to hide the fact that I'm wearing very unfashionable thick wool hockey socks beneath them.

As soon as I typed "long skirts" into Google, I noticed an alarming trend; all the websites that came up were "modest" clothing sites for either super-religious Christians, Jews or Muslims.

I had to laugh. This isn't a crowd I identify myself with. Nor, I imagine, do they identify with each other. But we all agree on one thing; we want long skirts and they'd better be comfortable, darn it.

Still, each group has its own preferences as to style. The Christian sites tend toward hand-made prairie chic. The Orthodox Jewish sites prefer more mid-calf length skirts, with lots of denim. The muslim sites are by far the most stylish. I bookmarked a bunch of them for further perusal, but decided I'd better take a break when I found myself considering one of the "silk caftans with matching hijabs".

I'm left wondering, though; since when did the ultra-religious become my peeps? Everything I do seems to lead me back to them; homeschooling, sustainable living, frugality, having a large family, baking bread, making homemade cheese, wearing skirts....

I draw the line on head-coverings, though. I really do. I think. Some of those scarves were awfully pretty....


Alea said...

Thanks for the laugh!

SHUKR said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'm glad you stumbled across our site! Your post was very humurous, but also brings attention to the fact that there are many types of people who are interested in modest clothing. Our company, though it primarily targets the Muslim market, also has a number of customers from other faiths and backgrounds. If you would like to place an order with us, feel free to contact me because we would like to offer you an introductory discount.

Managing Partner

Momto5 said...

What a wonderful post! Sometimes I too look around and think - how did I meet up with these people, I'm not one of them. But I'm always glad I'm there anyway, my life is always richer for knowing different kinds of people. It also serves to remind me that certain values truly transcend culture and religion.

Kristen@thefrugalgirl said...

Hee-hee! You know you want to join us over here on the dark side. lol

Kristen(who is a Christian homeschooler, but who does not wear denim jumpers).

Jennifer said...

You know, I loved my old homeschooling group for the very reason that it was so multi-faith. We approached the concept of God in so many different ways, but our love of our children transcended every difference.

The other thing that interests me is how our clothing defines us. In a way it makes life interesting, and in a way it's sad that we feel we "can't" wear some things because those clothes "belong" to another group. My husband will tell you how often I've bemoaned the fact that I can't get away with wearing a sari.

I feel that western fashion is unkind to women "of a certain age". It's just not flattering. Or it's only flattering to stick-thin women. Everyone looks good in a sari.

And Anas, yep - you'll be hearing from me. I love the skirt that's pictured in my post.