Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All The Interesting People Are Right Here

We're not the only ones who have moved here to Terrace, BC to get away from it all. I walk my daughter to the bus stop every morning and I've gotten to know one of the fathers there - Dag - whose son goes to the same school my daughter does.

Mostly we chat about the weather and the bus being late, but on Friday Dag was bursting with news he had to tell somebody. Terrace is one of the five runners-up for the Canada-wide "Hockeyville" competition sponsored by Kraft foods. Essentially, small towns (and some not so small) compete to be designated "Hockeyville" by getting everyone in town to show their team spirit and support for the sport. The winner gets money towards the local arena/hockey programs and hosts an NHL exhibition game in the fall.

There is also a competition for the "Hockeyville" song, and here's where Dag comes in; he's a singer/songwriter and his song won the contest! We got to hear it on national television over the weekend during one of the games and reporters from the CBC were hear in town broadcasting from our local arena.

Anyway, he and his family wanted a better life than they were living in Vancouver and so they came here, but while his wife found it easy to procure a job, Dag is an artist, so he's going to have to create his own work. Music is his thing, but he's into gardening, too. I recognize a fellow eclectic visionary.

It's fun to run into other people taking the same journey we are, and it just goes to show you that there are all types in every community; you just have to be patient enough to meet them. I've begun to think of it as an archeological expedition, sifting through the layers of people in town until I find the like-minded ones. Or maybe a safari is a better metaphor: I go about blending into the scenery, watching and waiting until someone betrays his eccentricity with a sudden movement or flash of color. Then I pounce on them and pump them for all the information I can: what are you up to? What new things have you learned? How do you practice your art? How do you make a living from it?

Have you met anyone interesting lately?

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