Sunday, January 18, 2009

When Doing Means Buying

I just updated my checkbook and I've been sitting around wondering where the heck all the money is going this month. I've only spent $386 on groceries - I should be able to get in well under budget this month - but I've completely lost control of everything else.

Budget killer #1: Homeschooling books. Now that my kids are reaching the higher grades these suckers are expensive. I'm at a real disadvantage living in Canada. Every time I order one I pay a huge price for shipping them over the border - you just can't find most of them locally. Total: $481.00. What was I thinking???

Budget killer #2: Music lesson related fees. Between books and Music Festival fees I've dropped at least $120.00.

Budget killer #3: Fees for a certain sport. Another $100 by the time all was said and done.

Budget killer #4: Accessories for archery/cost of going to the range.

Now, I should be happy - all of these are experience related, right? Even the homeschool books are props for learning, not just gew gaws to keep around the house. But somehow I had hoped that this shift from "having" to "doing" was somehow going to result in a stress-free money-rich environment.

Nope. That's not going to happen until I quit trying to do everything all at once, right now! I'm mad at myself. I've just managed to make life difficult for the next several months, at least. What was the point of that?

Time to go count the change in my change jar.....

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