Friday, January 2, 2009

What's Bellydancing Got To Do With It?

Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I can't shimmy.

There. My big secret is out. I've been to belly dance classes here and there and have done bellydance video workouts now and then over the past....oh...decade. But I still suck at shimmying. I'm not very good at any of it.

That's going to change this year. One of the experiences I'm making time for is dancing. I cleared a space for it (see my home gym post below), I cleared time in my schedule for it. Now I'm doing it.

I take classes twice a week - they start up again next week, Yay! - from a wonderful woman named Krystina. But that's just not enough. Remember the stack of bellydance videos I got a month or two ago? Well, I'm finally using them.

I keep hearing that if you just do something for 10,000 hours you will be come an expert at it. So I figure if I dance about 8 hours a week, that's 416 a year....

So in twenty-four years....

I'm going to rock as a bellydancer when I'm 63!!!! Go granny! Shake those hips! Whooo!!!!

Seriously, though. I'll see an improvement before the year is out, don't you think? And no, I won't traumatize the neighbors by dancing in public, but you have to understand. I'm a WASP. I'm as uptight as they come. I walk with my hips straight up and down, and I'm paying for my rigidity in all sorts of ways - back pain, muscle aches, you name it. So really what this is all about is learning how to be at home in my body finally. And how to crawl out of my mind and inhabit my body at all, 'cause I tend to stay up here with my daydreams rather than getting out there and moving.

I did a half-hour of dancing yesterday and an hour today. I never thought I had this much time for exercise. I'm loving it now that I do.

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