Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shelf Space

I am beginning to collect empty cabinets. They're kind of a security blanket for me, letting me know that when I sell this house and move to a smaller one all my stuff will fit.

I worked on a set of storage cabinets down in my basement yesterday. In the original configuration of this house they would have been in the kitchen of the basement suite. We've been using them as a place to store tools, paints, cleaning supplies and other things we needed for the renovation. I didn't manage to "halve" it - too much of the stuff either belongs to my husband or we still use; I refuse to throw out cleaning supplies, for example.

Here are a few "before" pictures:

And here are the "after" shots. Not a huge difference, but at least it's more organized.

I puttered around the rec room some more and cleaned out a few things. Here's my final pile of stuff going either to GoodWill or the trash:

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