Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Pictures of My Husband Working

It just keeps on snowing.

It warmed up a bit, though, and I knew all that snow - a foot and a half of wet, compacted stuff with a little ice on top - was going to slide off our metal roof pretty soon. Yesterday I made the kids use the side door all day, because if anyone was underneath it when it all came down they'd be toast.

I was making dinner when it let loose. Holy cow - it sounded like a freight train. Even though I'd been expecting it I jumped a foot in the air.

Here's a picture of my neighbor's garage roof just before its snow fell off. You can see how deep it is:

Here's a picture of my backyard. Yep - we were going to take the trampoline down...and then we never quite did it:

My husband looked out today and saw the neighbor guy pulling the snow off of his roof. He started to think he'd better get the snow off our back roof, too - the back half of our roof isn't sloped very steeply, so that portion wasn't likely to fall off on its own.

Here he is standing on the roof of the shed outside my window knocking snow off. I know, I know - it's a picture of his butt. Isn't that how Ree of The Pioneer Woman got her start, though? Taking pictures of her dh's butt while he and the other cowhands worked her ranch? And now she's hit the big time. Maybe someday I will, too. Come on, honey - work it!

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