Friday, December 26, 2008

Five Days to a Clean Slate!

January is looming. We all know what that means. A brand new year. Another chance at getting it right.

Are you willing to spend 45 minutes a day with me between now and then if it means a better start to your year?

Here's the plan. We're going to spend one half-hour a day straightening up. And 15 minutes walking and day dreaming. Sound good to you?

Count the rooms in your house. Divide them by five. That's the number of rooms to clean per day. I have twelve rooms (the other two - dh's office and workshop - are not my concern). I'll do four rooms one day (all the kids' bedrooms), and two rooms each other day.

Here's my breakdown:

Saturday: my bedroom, bathroom 1, bathroom 2

Sunday: dd's room, ds's room, ds's room, ds's room

Monday: kitchen, dining room

Tuesday: living room (including stairs and entryway), bathroom 3

Wednesday: rec room and laundry room

Each day pick a time (I'll remind you!), set your alarm, and spend one half-hour cleaning. Get all your kids/spouse involved. When the half-hour is up....STOP! This isn't a huge organizational cleanup - we'll be doing that room by room throughout the year. This is just to give you a little order and breathing space for now. the walking and daydreaming part. I'll bet just about every one of you has "exercising" as one of your goals for 2009, right? We're going to start right now. Each day I'll ask you a question and send you (and me) out the door into the fresh air. Fifteen minutes is all I ask. After all, it's cold out there!

But even a quick trip around the block gets more oxygen flowing to your brain, which will help you as you're pondering your answer to my question.

Are you with me?????


Julie Y said...

I'm in! This will help me spend some FOCUSED time, rather than scattering my efforts and then feeling frustrated when school starts and I'm still wallowing in holiday clutter. Thanks for the jumpstart!

Jennifer said...

Yay! I love company when I sure to check in and tell us how it went.

strider said...

Neat idea. I'd love to join you.

BTW, I enjoy your posts a great deal. Thanks for your transparency.