Monday, December 29, 2008

Day Three - 15 Minute Walk

Today when you head out for your date with fresh air and sanity, ponder this question:

If I could take a year off from my life, I would.....

Don't shy away from answering truthfully. You don't have to tell anyone what you would do. But when you come home, maybe jot the answer down in your journal somewhere. Maybe in teeny, tiny letters or messy handwriting so that no one but you can decipher it.

You can share your answer here, too, if you're really brave. Maybe I'll share mine.


Jennifer said...

I would travel around the world, taking only two sundresses and a pair of sandals. Each place I stopped in I would find work, earn a little money, leave a present for someone who needed cheering up....and move on.

It sounds heavenly.

L Harris said...

Before I even read Jennifer's comment, I was going to say, travel. Travel and travel. And read.