Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Presents, Christmas Presents

So did I do it? Did I halve Christmas?


I think I stuck to my budget a bit better than usual, but not well enough. I don't feel as frantic as I have in years past, and I did resist the urge to buy one last, big expensive gift for the family...it can wait.

One place I did do well was in not buying cr*p just to buy it, if you know what I mean. There will not be a whole bunch of toys that get played with once and then scrapped. I can't take all the credit for it; my kids are getting older. They know Santa's ballpark figure for gifts and they make their lists accordingly. A few expensive items, some clothing and they're set. We won't have a lot of packaging filling up our trash can come Christmas morning.

Preparing for all the special dinners on Christmas eve, Christmas day and New Years hasn't seemed too difficult either. But I'm going to start out behind in my food budget next month.

The biggest breakthrough by far has been how little time it took to prep the house for the holidays. Usually it takes me a week of moving from room to room, sorting and scrubbing and vacuuming. This year it took just a few hours to run around and get things in shape. Less junk means less cleaning. That is a (beautiful) fact.

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L Harris said...

I love this idea, of halving! A goal I will and am working towards. My house is driving me crazy.

but like you, this Christmas, I didn't buy crap!

I bought craft supplies, two small toys each and some socks and underwear. A couple books. A t-shirt.

DH and I got just a couple expensive things each - a paintball gun and a mp3 player. Things we wouldn't buy normally.