Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Halving Contest! Best "Before" and "After" Pics Win $20.00!

Okay, here's November's contest, but in order to enter this one, you are going to have to do a little work.

The holidays are coming. Stuff is winging your way! And you already have too much stuff, right? This is the perfect time to do a little weeding out, and I'm here to give you an extra incentive. This contest is going to reward the best "halver" and here's what you need to do to enter:

1. Take a digital picture of your big mess. It can be a cupboard, a room, a closet, a storage area, a pantry.....whatever you want!

2. "Halve" your mess! Divide the stuff in categories: what to throw out, what to take to GoodWill, and what to keep. If your "keep" pile ends up too big, do it again! As soon as you're done, take that trash and those GoodWill bags and get them out of the house, pronto.

3. Take an "after" photo. Send both pics to me via email (lenandjennifer @, and voila - you're done.

Easy, right?

(You need to email me because I don't think you can post pics in the comment section below.)

I must receive your photos by November 21st. Then I will post them all and everyone will vote on the winner! Contest closes on November 28th.

And here's the best part:

Not only will you receive the adulation of the masses for your ability to clean out your will also receive a money order for $20.00 to spend on the experience of your choice.

Go to lunch! See a movie! Take a music lesson! Head to the gym!

Enter now!


Welcome!!! said...

Do blog posts work as well as emailing pics?? I took a ton - thanks for the great challenge!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting your link. Can you email me the pics, too?

lenandjennifer @

I want to post all the pics in an entry so people can vote.

Thanks for entering!!!!

Welcome!!! said...

OK, I have another!!