Friday, October 17, 2008

Here's Why I'm Broke

I told you I would tell you everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Well, we've gotten to the ugly, all right.

We're barely halfway through this month and I'm broke. It's my turn to fill up the gas tank next. I'll need to put in $50.00. I've got $35.00, and that's got to last me until November.

In my food budget I still have over $100.00. I think I can just get by.

I did so good last month. What the heck happened?

Here's one thing that happened: I decided I needed a bellydance workout tape I could do at home. I go to class once a week, but in between I find it hard to remember what to practice. I want to make some progress, so I decided to get inspiration. Remember how I got rid of all those old workout tapes? Well, I found a great online site and.....I'll let the picture explain.

Yep. You're not seeing things. There are seven bellydance DVDs there. Seven of them. Not One for each day of the week!

I think you can see my problem in a nutshell. As long as I don't spend at all, I'm fine. But when I whip my wallet out.....hooo boy.

Now you all have to hold me accountable, because if seven bellydance DVDs are going to sit on my shelf I'd better be using them, right? Go ahead, ask me at Christmastime. "Ummm.....Jennifer? You got that three-quarter shimmy down pat yet?"


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