Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Book Giveaway - The 100 Mile Diet

It's that time again! I've got another book to give away. This month it's The 100 Mile Diet, by Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon.

The 100 Mile Diet is the chronicle of Alisa and J.B.'s adventure living for a year on food grown within a 100 mile radius of their home in Vancouver, BC. It is one of the books I read last year that inspired me to look for a quest of my own. I don't live totally off of locally-grown foods, but after reading their book and seeing the extraordinary lengths they went to eat locally, I started looking around at what I could find locally to eat.

Now checking the signs in my grocery store to see where my produce originates comes naturally, and I pick the ones grown closest to me, even if that means buying a variety I don't usually buy. We're growing more food ourselves and we're looking for local sources for meat and eggs. (And thinking of getting our own chickens when we move.)

And we're not the only ones. I give Alisa and J.B. kudos for sparking off a continent-wide consciousness-raising about how far our food has to travel to reach us and how we all have more options closer to home. The 100 Mile Diet is a terrific book. If you don't win it here, it's worth a trip to the bookstore.

All you have to do to get in the running for this contest is comment below and leave your name! The contest will close September 30th at Midnight Pacific Time. I will draw a winner randomly and announce it here the next day. Good luck, everyone!


Alison said...

Just found your blog from WTM. I look forward to reading it regularly. Thanks for being a contributor and an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration. I see I'll be spending time analyzing our shopping habits and spending.

Jenne in AZ said...

Somehow, I think that The 100 Mile Diet would be hard here in Arizona. Not much grows in the desert! Then again, maybe I could like to eat cactus.

Jenne in AZ

Me said...

I wonder how this would work in the midwest during the winter?


sweetTN said...

This is something we are trying to do by shopping more at local farmer's market.

Anonymous said...

I've already read it, but wanted to give you the thumbs up for getting it into another set of hands.

Pitchin Princess said...

We planted a garden for the first time this year to try and save money. I've even been visiting our local farmers market to buy produce as well. The prices are sometimes higher than the grocery store, but I know the food is fresh and grown locally so I don't mind paying a little more for better quality.

I am enjoying your site and you've inspired me to try to half my stuff/clutter. I started with my bedroom last weekend and got 4 bags of clothes from my closet and dresser that haven't been worn since who knows when.

Thanks for being an inspiration.

Pam said...

Thanks for your ongoing exhortation by example.

Alphabet Pam

my5wolfcubs said...

A friend passed on a blog link to someone who is trying to pare his personal possessions down to 100 things: http://www.guynameddave.com/100-thing-challenge.html I haven't checked it out, but it reminded me that I hadn't seen what you'd been up to lately! :)
PS I did think of you a week or so ago when I practically doubled our shoe collection by purchasing a pair of gym shoes for each child & myself!

Laughing Lioness said...

Hi Jennifer,
I would love to win the book. Your site is an inspiration and I LOVE the shoes!